Beautiful Justice: Prayers for Roadkill

Beautiful Justice: Prayers for Roadkill

…”Industrial capitalism functions by devaluing life. It couldn’t survive any other way. The system is based on production, a euphemism for the transformation of living creatures into dead commodities. Mountaintops become soda cans. Old-growth forests become 2x4s. Alligators become handbags.”…

Source: Beautiful Justice: Prayers for Roadkill 


About jules4animals

lifestyle eco-vegan, tree-hugger, animal lover, supporter of direct action, animal lib and ending the enslavement of all sentient beings. I believe we must end the corrupting ideology of human supremacy - this destructive, delusional belief system is destroying us, and allowing for the mass extinctions of life on Earth as we know it We must find a way toward a more humane system that supports a global common good, while moving away from manipulative, and unjust economies designed to solely benefit the ethically bankrupted 1% (predatory capitalism, extractive industries and sociopathic interests).
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